Diversity pledge

The Finance Charter was introduced by HM Treasury as a pledge for financial services firms to work together to create greater gender balance in financial services.

Published in March 2016, it commits firms to supporting the progression of women within the industry and commits its signatories to achieve a multitude of gender based targets.

McFall Recruitment is 100% behind this and feel that as a recruiter within Change,Technology and Senior Appointment we are in a fantastic position to really help our customers and partners to achieve gender diversity within their workforce.  However, we believe that this should include all industry sectors and not just financial services.  Ultimately, it is about skill not gender but as a passionate recruiter we have a role to play.


So our pledge is:-


·       We aim to create gender diverse shortlists for all roles.

·       We will promote women amongst our customers and advise them on different approaches on recruitment and talent pipelining.

·       We will help and advise them to adapt their interview process to support this.

·       We will aim to ensure that all female candidates are paid fairly and in line with their male counterparts.

·       We will continue to adapt our own approach to make sure we are providing the best advice, support and guidance through our customers recruitment journey.

If you would like to discuss further, or have more suggestions in how we could help, we would love to hear your views.

Contact Sally by calling on 07887 713668 or email on Sally@McFallRecruitment.co.uk

"Sally has been working with us for over a year and has been a breath of fresh air in her approach to recruitment and the benefits we derived from this in our business.  Sally has worked closely with us at a strategic and tactical level to assist our strategic development and I believe Sally's commitment and experience could assist all sizes and types of business with their recruitment requirements in order to support business strategy and objectives."

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Contact Sally on 07887 713668 or email sally@mcfallrecruitment.co.uk